Ozark Acres Non State Licensed Vehicle Policy

Draft as of 11/26/19

As stated in OASID-82034, Regulation to Enforce Traffic Safety and Regulations upon the improved areas of Ozark Acres, all terrain vehicles as defined in Arkansas ACT 300-27-21-102 shall not be operated upon the streets and roads of Ozark Acres except for people with stated handicaps.

Ozark Acres will request all operators and owners be reported to the proper authorities for violation of the following.

1. Operators must be at least 12 years old with a valid license.

2. Riders under 12 years of age must wear helmets and be under direct supervision of a person at least 18 years old; legal guardian on personal property.

3. Non safe operation of the vehicle, as determined by Security.

4. Golf carts must have working break lights and only operate on SID roads from ½ hour after sun rise to ½ hour before sunset. They must display a red flag and have usage recommended by a doctor.

5. All other mechanically powered vehicles such as go carts, trail bikes, motorized bicycles, riding lawn mowers and tractors that are modified and not used as their original purpose, ect, are not permitted to operate on Ozark Acres SID roads. 27-21-108 (b,1), (2), and (3).

Note: All terrain vehicles must be registered with the State of Arkansas as defined by state law within 30 days of purchase and properly displays the state sticker.