Rules for Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes and Recreational Vehicles

  1. As provided by their Bills of Assurance, the Brookside Court, Shady Grove and Conestoga additions of QASID may be used for Manufactured Homes and Mobile Homes with foundations, underpinnings and approved septic systems for those additions.

  2. All other additions of OASID except for the Brookside Court, Shady Grove and Conestoga additions are reserved for Permanent Structures only. All Nonpermanent Structures are prohibited in such additions except as otherwise provided herein.

  3. No Recreational Vehicles may be parked on any lot in any addition of OASID, for any reason, at any time unless a Permanent Structure has been built on the lot. If a Permanent Structure has been constructed on the lot, a lot owner who also owns a Recreational Vehicle may park their Recreational Vehicle on their lot so long as the Recreational Vehicle is not being used as a residence, permanent, temporary or otherwise.

  4. The provisions of this section shall not apply to a Recreational Vehicle of a person or persons temporarily visiting an OASID resident. However, short-term visitors of an OASID resident may park their Recreational Vehicle on the OASID resident's lot for a maximum of two (2) weeks if the Resident's lot has hook ups for sewage for the Recreational Vehicle, and no more than two (2) nights if the resident's lot contains no hook ups for sewage.

  5. In the event of any violation of the rules contained herein, OASID will notify the person(s) accused of such violation and request that the Recreational Vehicle be removed within ten (10) days. If the owner fails to remove the Recreational Vehicle within ten (10) days, OASID will take legal measures to have the Recreational Vehicle removed at the owner's expense. Furthermore, any person who is convicted of violating these rules shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not more than Five Hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($500.00).

  6. Officials of OASID may enter the premises of any OASID lot where any Manufactured Home, Mobile Home or Recreational Vehicle is located in order to inspect for compliance with these rules. The OASID and its officers, agents and employees shall have no liability of any nature for any actions, omissions, or other matters in any way concerning the subject matter of these rules.