Ozark Acres

Ozark Acres is an unincorporated community located in Sharp County Arkansas currently governed under a Suburban Improvement District (SID).

Located in the foothills of the Ozarks, the area is surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers and rolling hills. Ozark Acres contains multiple parks, two lakes, as well as a beach with great views of the larger Lake Vagabond. Lake Vagabond is used recreationally both for fishing and swimming and is a great place for family recreation.

The quaint town of Hardy built on the banks of the beautiful Spring River, a popular tourist spot since the early 1900’s is only 6 miles from Ozark Acres. Larger towns like Batesville, Jonesboro, Mountain Home, Little Rock and Memphis range from approximately 30 to 150 miles away, making this an ideal location for having the best of both worlds…far enough from larger towns to enjoy the quaint rural living but close enough for additional connivances.

These facilities are private, and land ownership is required for use.