Regulation to Enforce Traffic Safety and Regulations upon the Improved Areas

The following Safety Regulations governing traffic safety and other regulations upon the streets and roads of Ozark Acres, Williford, AR 72482, will be in addition to, when said Regulations are stricter, to Arkansas Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws and State Highway Commission Regulations ACT 300 in its most current edition.

Any law enforcement officer certified by The State of Arkansas within this jurisdiction shall have the authority to enforce this Regulation upon any violation whether resident or non-resident of Ozark Acres.

I. Speed Limits: All Speed limits will be obeyed as posted.

The speed limits within Ozark Acres will be 25 mph with the following exceptions;

(a) 15 mph over Lake Vagabond and Spring Lake dams.

(b) 35 mph on Acres Rd. from U.S. 63 to Newman Trail.

II. Vehicle Restrictions:

(a) Vehicles larger than six (6) wheels or other than pick-up style beds or

flat beds shall not be permitted upon the improved portions Ozark Acres streets and roads with the exceptions of delivery Trucks or commercial vehicles serving property owners.

(b) No vehicles larger than six (6) wheels shall be permitted upon the dams of

Lake Vagabond or Spring Lake.

(c) All terrain vehicles as defined in ACT 300 27-21-102 shall not be operated upon the streets or roads of Ozark Acres with the following exceptions.

1. Any person who has lost one or both legs or otherwise has a serious walking handicap

2. Any person who has lost one or both legs or otherwise has a serious walking handicap must carry on his person a physician's certificate” · certifying that the person has a serious walking handicap.

3. For the purpose of this Regulation "serious walking handicap" means any walking handicap certified as serious by a licensed physician.

4. This shall not be construed or is it permissible for the operation of an ATV upon the streets of Ozark Acres by a person with a serious walking handicap for the sole purpose of joy riding.

5. A person who has been certified by licensed physician as having a serious walking defect must have their ATV equipped with a red flag at least six inches (6") wide and twelve inches (12") long on a pole or staff extending at least thirty-six (36") above the level of the seat as pursuant to Act 300 07-21-106 (3)(A).

III. Traffic Signs:

All traffic signs such as stop signs, yield signs, warning signs, and

speed limit signs, but not limited to the above, shall be obeyed.

IV. Penalty:

Any person violating this Regulations shall be guilty of a criminal act

and upon conviction shall be punished as the District Court shall impose.


Date: 8-23-04