Ordinance Regulating the Control of Dogs and Cats


(a) The owner shall keep dog or cat under restraint at all times, and shall not permit such dog or cat to be at large off the premises or property of the owner unless under the control or restraint of the owner or another competent person.

(b) Any dog or cat who is running ar┬Ělarge or a stray shall be picked by the Sheriff's Department, Ozark Acres Security or Protective Society and shall be impounded until the owner reclaim's such dog or cat.

(c) Immediately upon impounding a dog or cat, Protective Society shall make every possible effort to notify the owners of such dog or cat's impoundment and inform such owner of the conditions whereby they may regain custody of such dog or cat:

(d) The Protective Society shall not relinquish custody of a dog or cat to any person or agency other than the owner or a state, county or municipal animal shelter.


The owner shall confine within a building or secure enclosure every fierce, dangerous or vicious dog or cat, not take such dog or cat out of such building or secure enclosure unless such dog or cat is securely muzzled.


Any dog or cat that has not been vaccinated for rabies in accordance with Arkansas State law will be subject to impoundment, under this ordinance, until such time that the dog or cat has received the required rabies vaccination.


It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to allow barking and howling or other nuisance behavior; it is unlawful to keep on premises or allow to run at large, any dog or cat which, by loud and frequent barking and howling, shall disturb the peace and quiet of neighbors.


It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to allow their dogs to chase cars, pedestrians and bicyclists.


$1000 fine and for 1 year imprisonment

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to abandon any unwanted dog or cat in Ozark Acres. Anyone wishing to relinquish ownership of a dog or cat must find a new home for it or arrange final disposition through legal channels.


It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to allow their dogs or cats to damage or destroy the property of others.


Violation of any provision of this ordinance shall result in a $50.00 fine for the first offense; a $100.00 fine for the second offense; and a $250.00 fine for the third offense. In addition, any dog or cat may be impounded by the Protective Society until such time as the owner reclaims the dogor cat, paying all fees and costs incurred, or until ten (10) days have elapsed since the day the dog or cat was impounded. At the end of ten (10) days, if the dog or cat remains unclaimed, the Protective Society shall place the dog or cat up for adoption or destroy the dog or cat in a humane, lawful manner as proscribed by Arkansas law.

The Protective Society shall exercise due diligence in locating the true owner of all impounded dogs or cats.

The Sharp County Sheriff's Department and Ozark Acres Security shall have full authority to enforce the provisions of this ordinance by citation or warranty as authorized by existing Arkansas criminal procedure.